Labels & Ribbons

Labels are used to communicate information quickly and accurately. Whether you are communicating an address to a mail carrier or your Brand's values to an indecisive customer the label you choose can create a repeat customer or a onetime sale.  Evaluating your application is critical to choosing the correct label.  When designing a label consider how long that print job will need to last, what you will adhere it to and whether you should print it yourself.

Did you know that technology has advanced enough that you can print a very high quality customized full color label from a desktop printer? Perfect for lower volume runs with multiple designs these printers can reduce your material holding cost and increase your speed to market.

Label Supplies:

  • Direct Thermal
  • Thermal Transfer
  • RFID
  • Custom Printed Barcode

  • Shipping
  • Caution
  • Color Code
  • Hazard
  • Compliance
  • Tip & Tell
  • Temp range indicators
  • Security
  • Printer Ribbons
  • Printers

Stretch Film

There are many different stretch films on the market today. What differentiates films are their characteristics to provide the necessary degree of  load stability to deliver the pallet as you intend, reducing film usage and ultimately the cost of film per delivered load.

What differentiates stretch films are their design and performance characteristics; we will work with you to determine and find the right type of film to provide the necessary degree of  load stability to deliver the pallet as you intend, reducing film usage and ultimately the cost of film per delivered load.  Optimizing the amount of film per pallet load contributes to a much greater annual goal for source reduction, cost savings, and ultimately getting the pallet delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Reducing the cost of rejected or damaged pallets at your customer’s dock is a significant way to reduce your total landed costs.  The cost of a rejected or damaged pallet is often not rolled up into the price of a purchased roll of film, and thus ‘harder’ to quantify systemically - but this is absolutely critical to satisfying your Customer on each and every future delivery.

Let us share with you how a properly maintained, adjusted and operated stretch wrapping machine at the end of the line contributes to your bottom line.   Kalani has an excellent grasp of stretch wrapping machines and how to optimize your palletization.  We’ve helped small through Fortune 1000 customers improve each pallet load with our knowledge.

New stretch wrapping machine technology adds many technological and control enhancements, and is designed to help you increase load performance over the road.

Let us show you what we can do together to improve your operations on a day-to-day basis as we have done for so many others.

Stretch Film Supplies:

  • Stretch Wrap Machine

  • Hand

  • Banding

  • Colored

  • Vented

  • Custom Printed

  • Tamper Evident
  • Machinery


We can support your tape needs across a wide variety of applications.  Our tape lines range from standard packaging tape to high end specially tapes.  Our team can help you design in the right spec for your needs.  We also can assist with the automation of your packaging lines to increase throughput with tape machinery.  Whether your goals are to securely tape a box, reduced theft in shipping or enhanced branding we are here to help.  

With very low minimums we can customize tape with your logo, website and brand to enhance your marketing strategies.

Tape Supplies:

  • Machine Packing Tape

  • Hand Packing Tape

  • Masking Tape

  • Water Activated

  • Duct Tape

  • Strapping Tape

  • Colored Tape

  • Custom Tape

  • Tamper Evident
  • Machinery

Cushioning & Void Fill



From peanuts, air pillows, bubble, paper and foam cushioning there are many options when it comes to protecting your product in transit. The goal is to keep your product safe from point A to point B cost effectively. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right cushioning for your product.  We are here to help sample, test and qualify the type of cushioning that’s right for you.

Cushion & Void Fill Supplies

  • Air pillows

  • Bubble
  • Paper
  • Foam
  • Peanuts
  • Void fill distribution systems



Mailers are designed for cost effective protection of smaller products while in transit. Mailers can be an effective choice for items such as: spare parts, clothing, documents and small goods. Mailers are a great alternative to boxes for shipping goods.

Mailers can be designed so that your customer can easily access product and re-use the same bag for a secondary shipment. Ensuring a great experience for your customers.

Mailer Supplies:

  • Poly 

  • Bubble Cushion 

  • Padded Cushion

  • Foam Cushion

  • Utility

  • Rigid

  • Mailing Tubes and Caps

Poly Bags & Sheets




Poly bags and liners come in many different materials and even more designs. Whether your bagging a handful of metal washers or food products we can help you select the correct size, design and material for your applications.

New technologies are allowing production of down gauged (thinner) films that are significantly stronger than their thicker counterparts of the past. Because all plastic are ultimately bought and sold by the pound, down gauging your bags using the newer films could save money while helping you also meet your environmental responsibility goals.

Stand Poly Bags & Sheets Supplies:

  • Flat

  • Gusseted

  • Reclosable

  • Wicketed

  • Poly Tubing

  • Pallet Cover

  • Bin Liners

  • Tarps

  • Trash Can Liners



There is no mistaking the peace of mind you get strapping your products directly to your pallet. How you ship your products, via LTL, rail or other method and the weight of the product help set the criteria to match strapping specs to work for your application. Composite strapping has the strength of steel, with more flexibility then polyester strapping and can be safely applied.

Strapping Supplies:

  • Metal 

  • Polyester 

  • Polypropylene 

  • Composite 

  • Woven 

  • Seals

  • Dispensers

  • Tools



Edge Protectors



VBoard adds a level of protection, stability and stacking strength to pallets. Correctly applied, VBoards may allow you to double or even triple stack pallets that previously were not stackable.
Shorter length, VGuards, allow for application with specific placement for cases and pallets.


The shear selection of stock box sizes and designs are only surpassed by the options to customize a box. If you can show us what you want to box we can help you narrow down your search in a few minutes.  We really enjoy collaborating with our customer to bring their ideas to life.  

If you use 2 stock boxes that are similar in size could you add a score to the height of the larger box? This offers the option to reduce the number of part numbers managed and stocked.

Box Supplies:

  • Regular Slotted Boxes 

  • Mailers

  • One Piece Vari-depth Folders

  • Bulk Containers

  • Bin Boxes

  • Literature Trays

  • Display Boxes

  • File Boxes

  • Tote Trays


Janitorial Supplies



Manage shipping and janitorial supplies in one place. There are many dispensers on the market and with our wide selection we can find the put-up for your needs. 

Janitorial Supplies: 

  • Toilet Paper

  • Hand Towels

  • Facial Tissue

  • Seat Covers

  • Garbage Bags

  • Multipurpose Wipes

  • Wax Kraft Bags

  • Single Use

  • Utility Wipes

  • Wypall

  • Kimtex

  • Premoistened


ESD & Antistatic Packaging



Static electricity exists in a lot of places, such as assembly lines, workstations and plastic totes. Protect those static sensitive items.  Whether your needs are static shielding, static dissipative or both we can help you.

Did you know that a plastic tote running on a conveyor system can generate enough static electricity that you can see the spark hit your finger?

ESD & Antistatic Supplies:

  • Foam

  • Boxes

  • Bags

  • Tubing

  • Bubble

  • Peanuts

  • Labels

Security Seals

Shipping your products with the right security and tamper evident seals provides your customer with assurance the product they ordered arrived intact, as they desired.

Let us help you select and apply the right level of Trailer Security Seals, tamper evident tape and carton seals to provide your customer with the satisfaction their order deserves.

Security Seal Supplies:

  • Bolt Seals

  • Cable Seals

  • Globe Seals

  • Flat Trailer Seals

  • Padlock Seals


Gloves are a great way to keep your staff in compliance with regulations and safe at all times. The gloves we provide are designed for many purposes such as food service, cleaning, manufacturing, warehouse and medical. Safely complete a variety of tasks with gloves that fit well, address allergen concerns and provide the tactile sensitivity needed for your work environment. With the right protection available, you can ensure that you can do the work that needs to be done.

Glove types:

  • Nitrile
  • Poly
  • Vinyl
  • Latex
  • Insulated Rubber Dipped
  • Neoprene
  • Cotton
  • Knit