Kalani takes pride in collaborating with customers to improve processes and design the right product for their applications. 

We invite you to learn more about how we help customers.

 Warehouse Efficiency

Kalani improves everyday process with a Process Review

A local company, in business for 40+ years, utilized Kalani Packaging’s Process Review to implement a simple palletizing solution. Our Process Review reduces the time necessary to get product staged for shipping.  By changing the materials and the process utilized to palletize and layer their product the new solution streamlined the number of steps and labor required.

Result: reduced time to palletize an order; saving over 20 hours of labor weekly.

Part Number - Where can you standardize?

Standardize poly bags across 13 manufacturing facilities

Kalani developed a consolidation plan for a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic test and measurement tools.  The plan consolidated the number of poly bag sizes used across 13 facilities and multiple site locations.  Product was sampled to qualify the consolidated items at each location to ensure it met each end user’s needs. 

Result: 28% reduction in managed part numbers and a 5% cost reduction.

Reduce Carbon Footprint and Increase Productivity 

Smart packaging put-ups provide positive environmental impacts and productivity gains

Working with a local warehouse and logistics company we helped educate the customer to positively impact the environment while increasing worker productivity.  How?  By transitioning the customer to bulk palletized product we were able to remove the secondary corrugated packaging.   Effectively eliminating the need to breakdown and dispose of the secondary packaging, helping to improve worker productivity and minimizing their carbon footprint.  This was accomplished without changing the customer’s product they are accustomed to using.

Result: more streamlined work flow for end users while reducing landfill waste and their carbon footprint.

Designing in Space Saving Solutions

Packaging Review offers advanced solution to protect product while providing space and cost savings

Using the results of a Kalani Packaging Review our customer, an innovative manufacturing design company, implemented a new custom packaging solution tailored to their specific needs. With cost and space reduction as the drivers, Kalani implemented an effective solution to protect high value product.  The manufacturer was using traditional die cut foam inserts to protect a specialized healthcare keyboard.  Through sampling and testing we helped design in custom inflatable end caps.  Meeting the customer’s goals of product protection while reducing the unit cost and storage space required.   

Result: lower cost per unit and warehouse space savings to avoid costly third party storage.

Never Too Old to Harness New Films

New FDA approved poly films save money and the environment

A candy manufacturer, who has been in business for decades was utilizing an industry standard FDA approved poly bag/bin liner for food processing.  Kalani introduced a new technology FDA approved poly film to their team for qualification and testing.  The new poly bag/ bin liner met their food processing demands while providing a cost savings and reducing landfill waste. 

Result: reduced cost while making a positive impact on the environment.

Marketing through Packaging Tape

Custom printed hand tape provides brand messaging

Kalani, working with a leading online retailer of outdoor sports gear and action apparel, supplied a custom branded packaging tape.  By applying the tape to all e-commerce boxes, the retailer is able to extend their marketing to reach everyone in the parcel delivery stream and their end users.  In addition, this solution also reduced the claims of stolen product by creating a tamper evident box closure.

Result: low minimum, low cost marketing and tamper evident solutions.

Use Stretch Film Where Film is Needed

Stabilizing 1 ton of liquid to transport via LTL

Working with a large national juice manufacturer who was experiencing a high failure rate in transit, Kalani helped redesign how they wrapped their pallets.  The goal was to stabilize a pallet of liquid weighing 1 ton so it could be shipped via LTL and arrive at the end destination intact looking the same as it did when it was loaded into the trailer.  Utilizing our knowledge and expertise of stretch films, machine optimization and wrap patterns, we helped create a customized solution for their specific load requirements.  This project reduced their LTL load failure by 95% and reduced the pounds of film used to secure their pallet by 37%.   

Result: reduction of freight claims and pounds of film utilized to securely wrap a pallet for transport. 

Doing Business the Way You Want to Do Business

We work to make your job easier by speaking your language.

Our goal is to make purchasing and managing packaging supplies easy.  Every company is different, so our solution is customized to you.  Our inventory based system allows us to include your unique part numbers as well as any special notes, making the ordering process seamless.  Our dedicated team can develop tools, such as customized order guides, to help facilitate re-ordering; no more searching for what you ordered last time.  Have a challenge?  Our experienced Account Managers enjoy providing free Packaging Process or Packaging Material Reviews to help you achieve your goals.

Result: ensure the management of packaging supplies, allowing you to focus on your core business!