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Welcome, 2017!

New Year's brings about an opportunity to learn new things, and set new goals. If you're looking to learn something new, The History Channel has an article about the History of New Years, that is a great read. Festivities date back 4,000 years and were not always celebrated on January 1st. Click here to learn the full story! Don't worry, there's a video too.


Check out LifeHack's article "17 Steps to Aquiring a New Skill Faster Than You Thought Possible" for help acquiring and reinforcing new skills.


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What skills or strategies have you used to keep yourself on track?

"Identify the very next action needed to move a project/goal forward!"

"Whenever I want to work on something I write it down. Then make that the picture that shows on my phone's screen. Every time I check the time, or for a missed call/text, I see it and am reminded of my goal."


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