Packaging Trends in 2016

More than Green:

Consumers are calling for their recyclable plastics to have already been recycled, reducing the need for virgin materials. Placon is a manufacturer striving for "no waste". Their ambitious goal is being realized through EcoStar, PET Plastics. Watch this video to learn more...


video with play button

Placon EcoStar PET Rollstock Plastics


The Digital Revolution:

High speed commercial color printers have unique capabilities for greater flexibility to a wide range of industries. This new generation of color label printers can handle most high volume applications with the capability to change print content or messaging "on the fly" without changing the roll. The print possibilities are endless, offering a reduction in obsolete label inventory and stocked part numbers. Click here to learn more!


Epson colorworks printer

To learn about color label printers click on the image above.



Size Matters:

Consumers are now saying that size matters; they want a package which is right for their needs. Smaller size options gives consumers a chance to try new products while still encouraging brand loyalty.


Bottles of water various sizes 1.5L, 1L, 500ml, 300ml. With clipping paths ?

Many soda, and bottled water companies are meeting this customer request by offering various sizes of their products.



Reducing packaging waste is another major trend this year. For example, cereal usually comes in a bag inside a box. The trend is to use stand up pouches only, eliminating the need for a box and significantly reducing waste. Can you reduce your packaging?


cereal pouch generic

Stand up pouch for cereal.


Traditional cereal box, with bag.





Messaging lets the product speak for itself. Simple, large, bold text alongside simple images. Quiet is the new loud, keep it limited to the essential. Fewer words, more images. Less selling, more intriguing.


trident gum faces

Trident Gum utilizes simple marketing with its whimsical designs, using the gum as teeth    plays on their product.